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Essential Skills Online Learning

Trusted by Teachers for Over 20 Years

Engage & Motivate Your Child to Learning Success!

Success is the Greatest Motivator

How Essential Skills Works

Essential Skills programs are designed by real classroom teachers to ensure that every child receives the individual learning experience they need. We believe that success is the greatest motivator and that every child can be successful given the proper tools and encouragement.

Thousands of interactive activities allow children to work and learn independently at their own level and pace. Our professional-grade, research and evidence-based learning programs build skills gradually and sequentially to guarantee success for all learners. It's like your child has their very own personal tutor!

Check out the FAQ section for more info.

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Meet Magies!

Hatch - Evolve - Engage

Students hatch and evolve a series of fun and cute little characters called Magies as they work through each Essential Skills program. Every character has four unique stages. They're a great way to motivate and engage students in learning. Magies make learning fun and exciting!


"I'm using this with my kids and they love it! Being able to collect the gems and hatch an egg is a great incentive for them. They're so excited to tell me what they've hatched!"

Jodie Skinner, Parent

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Take it from a teacher...

“I have students who would rather work on Essential Skills than go to recess. These programs teach the skills that young children need in a sequential, systematic manner. These are high

quality, research and evidence-based programs.”

Sandra Crandall, Reading Specialist, Moiola Elementary

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